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Ideas reimagined

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© 2023


Anima Hookah


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Anima hookahs are found in luxury hotels, restaurants and homes worldwide. When considering a travel case, it was clear that its quality and design had to meet the standards of excellence that Anima hookahs provide.

The Anima Premium Suitcase redefines the way that connoisseurs travel with their hookahs. Produced with the highest quality and made from carefully chosen materials, the suitcase is designed exclusively to fit Anima hookahs and their components.

Anima Premium Suitcase backstage

Product design Photography Copywriting Product design Photography Copywriting 

The Anima Premium Suitcase is luxurious, yet durable, allowing customers to comfortably and safely carry their Anima hookahs by hand or over the shoulder. It reliably protects the hookahs from scratching and other damage. Additionally, its clean black finish and sleek shape not only complements every Anima model, but makes it a wearable accessory that demands attention.

Anima Premium Suitcase

"The Anima Premium Suitcase’s exceptional quality and unique design will impress even the most discerning hookah enthusiasts. It’s a must-have accessory for everyone that values both style and functionality."

- Founder Vít Bechynský

Anima Premium suitcase Anima open suitcase