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Ideas reimagined

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Ideas reimagined

© 2023


© 2023

Putto nut packs





Year of realization


Serious about eating healthy? Rohlík launched its own line of vitamin-rich, plant-based foods with some not-so-serious taglines.

When designing the YUTTO packaging, the Rohlík team requested fun and memorable copy to communicate their new products. And what’s more fun than a “pun-ny” joke?

All of the YUTTO packs include a silly saying that is sure to make you smile.

Copywriting Copywriting Copywriting Copywriting 

All joking aside. Each tagline is catered to specific products, promoting both product and brand awareness for new shoppers and recognizability and retention for repeat customers.

Rice, rice, baby

And the fun keep rollin’ in – from writing puns, to including foreign languages and even gaining inspiration from a “legend-dairy” rapper, no jokes were spared when creating copy for YUTTO’s non-dairy milks.