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Ideas reimagined

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TRISOLARIS is a leading energy trader, covering 20+ markets across Europe and globally. But, when it came to branding, the team wanted a visual identity that was out of this world.

Informed by Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem, the TRISOLARIS team needed an identity that considered their focus on cutting-edge technologies and scientific approach to commodities trading.

They were over the moon for branding that reflects their tech-driven MO and unique innovation via a custom sci-fi motif.

Branding & Graphic design & Copywriting Branding & Graphic design & Copywriting 

Informed by the quantum mechanics theory that models the motion of three particles, our team created branding that aligned with the central theme of the “three-body problem.” We incorporated colors that are naturally found in astronomical elements. The communication revolves around tech and science, with a hint of intergalactic wordplay.

Trisolaris poster mock up Trisolaris poster mock up

Reshaping the world of commodities trading

Due to the company’s success, TRISOLARIS opened a sister branch in Japan and needed cohesive materials for the launch. A Japanese-language mutation was added to the website, as well as respective versions of digital and print products.

Credit: VKZ studio for website design & development.